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Important links and forms

The Internal Revenue Service provides resources for taxpayers, including: tax forms, publications, tools for filing taxes electronically, and information about tax laws and regulations.

Click the link above to track the progress of your income tax refund, receive updates on when it was received, processed, and the anticipated date of deposit or mailing.

The Virginia Refund Status link provides information about the processing stage and anticipated timeline for your income tax refund. It also includes details on when it was received, approved, and the expected disbursement date. 

This link will direct you to the official website or portal where you can securely submit payments for your federal income taxes owed to the U.S. government. 

Click the link above to make secure payments regarding your individual or business Virginia taxes due.

The W-4 form helps employers determine the amount of federal income tax to withhold from an employee's paycheck based on their filing status, dependents, and other factors. 

The W-9 form serves to provide a taxpayer's identification number to entities that may need to report income paid to that taxpayer, such as employers or financial institutions. 

The form 8822 is used to notify the IRS of changes in your mailing address or business location. 

Click the link above to better understand topics regarding how the credit works for certain purchased vehicles, future vehicle purchases, buying a new vehicle for business use, information on buying a new vehicle, and more.

Understand who can claim Home Energy Tax Credits as well as the expenses that might qualify for Energy Efficient Home Improvement Credit by clicking the link above. 

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